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The CI3 hosts at its headquarters a conference on CDTI financial grants for innovation


The Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Centre hosts an event on CDTI financial grants for innovation in the construction and IT sectors

On Tuesday June 23, the Intelligent Infrastructure Innovation Centre (CI3), hosted at its headquarters in the Nuevas Empresas building in Guadalajara an event entitled "R+D+i Project Development in the Construction, Auxiliary Industry and ICT sectors. CDTI financial grants".

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The primary aim of the event was to inform those attending of the main instruments that are available and to detail a specific grant program run by the CDTI (Centre for Technological and Industrial Development, an official body part of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness), providing financial support to research, development and innovation projects in the construction and ICT sectors in the Castilla La Mancha region.

The event, which was opened by Guadalajara Councillor, Francisco Úbeda, and by the Managing Director of CI3, Rafael Fando Mestre, featured speeches from Antonio Gómez Gálvez, Construction Technology Consultant, and Luis Maeso Morena, from the Department of Energy, Manufacturing and Digital Society - both part of the CDTI-, who discussed the various support facilities available that aim to drive innovation at companies. Chiefly they focused on Innterconecta, a recently finalised program to which Ferrovial submitted two R+D+i proposals.

Next, Pablo Hyam, Technical Manager of CI3, detailed the five R+D+i projects developed at Living Lab in Guadalajara; Smartcross, an intelligent pedestrian crossing, Smartaparc, a system that detects free parking spots using artificial vision, Bindogs, smart bins for dog waste, Smairt, low-cost wireless specks that measure environmental parameters, and tuciudapp, a channel that uses QR codes to support communication between members of the public, municipal services providers and the council.

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The CI3 is a pioneering initiative in its field and is based on a "triple helix" organizational model, under which the private company Ferrovial, the University of Alcala and the Castilla-La Mancha Council all partner as equals to help create and oversee an ecosystem of open innovation.

The event was also attended by Jesús Miguel Alonso, the Ferrovial Agroman coordinator of the ACCEPT project, one of the success stories run under the "Horizon 2020" programme, which finances research and innovation in a number of areas within Europe and has a 2014-2020 budget of nearly €80 billion.

In the words of Jesús Miguel Alonso, "The event on June 23 provided the opportunity to discuss the key aspects of the ACCEPT project with both the CDTI and everyone else in attendance. It was very positive for us to share impressions with businesses and universities, some of which are highly active in the world of ICT, as the project is based on the use of "smart glasses" in construction."

Finally, representatives from the University of Alcala and the University of Castilla la Mancha detailed the capabilities of their research groups and the projects that they have run in the areas of construction and ICT, particularly their partnerships with the CI3 on a number of domestic and international projects.


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