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    The PRENDE Project (Acronym in the original for “Platform for the Energy Refurbishment of Eco-efficient Urban Districts”) is part of the INNPACTO Programme announced by the Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness of the government of Spain as part of the constitution and internationalisation of the R&D System in the thematic sector of "Energy".

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    This project has been titled "Video Verification System Prototype for Shadow Toll Motorways". Its aim is to achieve a fully reliable alternative system for verifying the metering and classification of vehicles on motorways equipped with Shadow Toll Systems by means of an artificial vision algorithm.

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    The OUTSMART Project belongs to the 7th Framework Programme and is subsidised with European funds. It has an overall budget of €5 million for the entire Consortium and €111,630 for the Centre for the Innovation of Smart Infrastructures.

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  • CIUDAD 2020
    CIUDAD 2020

    Ciudad 2020 defines a new breakaway model of sustainable city that is efficient and citizen-focused. Its vocation is to be exported worldwide by means of a new city model (urban and rustic, each with its own particular features).

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    Development of technologies for the generation, distribution and efficient management of energy flows in urban-industrial environments and their application in the transformation of Barakaldo into a Low Carbon City Lab model.

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9 matches. Showing from 1 to 5.

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