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CI3 OrganisationOrganisation of the Centre for the Innovation of Smart Infrastructures The Foundation is structured as follows: Board, Advisory Board, Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer, as provided in its bylaws.

The Board of CI3 comprises nine representatives (three for each trustee) and regular meetings are convened twice a year to adopt the budgets and financial statements of each year. The quorum is 5 members. The decisions are taken by majority; however, the vote in favour of at least one member representing each trustee is required.

The Executive Committee is made up of three members (one representative for each trustee) plus the Chief Executive Officer of CI3, who acts as Chairman of the Committee. The Committee discusses the management of the Centre, adopts the contracts and supervises the progress and cost of projects. The Committee will meet approximately once a month.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the management of CI3, chairs the Executive Committee and submits the important decisions for adoption by the Board.

The CEO supervises the Technical Managers, who will be distributed into knowledge areas and coordinate with project control and management teams, and the Administrative-Financial Manager, who runs the Centre's budget and finances with in-house and external collaborators. CI3's legal advisory requirements will be contracted to a firm of lawyers of recognised prestige and experience in this type of foundation.

CI3's bylaws provide for the constitution of an Advisory Board made up of experts from different areas and entities related to smart infrastructures. The Advisory Board's mission is to help the Centre fulfil its objectives, selecting and developing the most suitable projects and the best collaborating partners.

  • Ferrovial
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  • University of Alcalá