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  1. Objectives


Instrumentation of CI3's functions

In order to fulfil its objectives, the Foundation will be equipped with the necessary human and material resources in accordance with applicable legislation.

The Foundation may use its own resources or work in collaboration with other public and private entities for the following activities:

  • Active contributions to the design, promotion, development, search for financing, participation in and coordination of projects fostered in the area of smart infrastructures.
  • Strengthening of applied research in new technologies in the area of smart infrastructures and contributions to the development of sustainable cities.
  • Active contributions to the innovation process, supporting, promoting and enabling the transfer of technology in the area of smart infrastructures and assuming a commitment to society and the search for well-being.
  • Effective use of innovation through the creation and subsequent management of intellectual property.
  • Identification of future needs and early demand.
  • Development of training and other communication activities.
  • Forum for reflection and debate by the public and private players involved in the innovation process.
  • Collaboration with other public and private institutions that have similar objectives to those provided in these bylaws.
  • Any other considered appropriate for the foundation's purpose and those which develop the initiatives proposed by the Foundation in its Action Plan.

To develop these activities, the CI3 will manage Innovation Projects. Said Projects must be defined in accordance with market requirements, generally detected in the infrastructures managed and developed by Ferrovial's businesses, evaluating the suitability of each one in accordance with general interest and level of innovation.

For the innovation projects, the CI3 may hire businesses and other entities (universities and public research organisations) as service providers and said parties may make contributions in kind as collaborating partners in each project.

Esquema de funcionamiento

  • Ferrovial
  • Castilla La Mancha
  • University of Alcalá